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Message fromRC that I'm close to my limit on texts

Twice I have received an email from Ring Central stating that I'm near my monthly limit on texts. This is the actual message: "Your domestic SMS usage has reached 90% of your monthly Included SMS allocation. If you go over the 100% limit, your SMS traffic will be charged at the rates set out in your region.
You can see your current Included SMS utilization level and corresponding SMS log by logging into the RingCentral Admin Portal and opening the Billing tab.
If you would like to purchase a SMS bundle with greater SMS/MMS allocations please login to your Admin Portal, open Billing tab and navigate to Purchase>Usage Bundles.
"Thank you for using RingCentral!"

What is this included SMS allocation? I have had RC for over 5 years, and have never had anything like this.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


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Hi Tom! We have new changes with your Business SMS feature. Please check the article below that provides information on the new SMS pricing and packaging impacting all RingCentral MVP customers.

If you have follow-up questions , please let me know so I can connect you with your Account Manager.

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Hi these limits (which I just saw today) apply only to outgoing texts or to incoming as well?


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The allocation is for both inbound and outbound SMS.

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So, even though I get some spam, that counts against my allocation.

And what about all the texts I cannot send because the wireless carrier of the recipient blocks messages from RC? AT&T is one of those carriers.

I really believe RC needs to re-think this policy. Or change the allocations to something like 300 per month as the minimum, and go up from there like they do now.

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One of the new benefits of our new Enhanced Business SMS is the Built-in protection mechanisms, including advanced spam filtering.

Feel free to check the link below for more details about the SMS product enhancement.

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