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How do I prevent Ring Central from taking control of the media buttons on my keyboard?

I have a keyboard with media controls (volume, play, pause, next track, previous track, etc...) Recently I realized that the play button stops working correctly after I receive a call with Ring Central, it can be a phone call or a video call, but the thing is once I get a call the button stops working correctly.

Supposedly, according to some things I've seen online, I can use the play button to answer the call. Once I end Ring Central's process and start it again the button behaves normally until I get another call. I realized the button would also work if I press the windows key along with the play button, but if I just press "Play" nothing happens until I restart Ring Central.

This has happened on 3 different machines, 2 of them with a completely new installation of windows one with windows 10, and one with windows 11. I haven't tried just using the web version, but I would like to keep using the desktop version and be able to use my keyboard correctly.

I've tried searching online for answers, but the best I could get was "Restart the program that is hijacking the media controls". I tried looking in the options and as far as I know, I have all controls disabled.

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Hi @Leonardo Sanchez Miranda, I'm currently checking if this is a known issue.

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This appears to be a bug. It appears that the Ringcentral app is treating keyboard media controls as headset controls. I was able to regain access of my keyboard media controls by opening the RingCentral application, then under Setting -> Notifications and audio -> Headset support, turning the "Headset controls" to off.

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