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Unable to place outbound calls, RingCentral Desktop App only

Hello -

I have one computer (yes, computer, not user) where outbound calls are stuck on connecting. They don't appear to ever go through, as they are not received by the recipient nor show up in any call logs. I have tried a clean install, deleting temp files located at c/user/local/temp and, when uninstalled, made sure to clear the ringcentral folders from users/local as well.

I have had three employees login to ringcentral on the computer to try, all get the same. All are able to make calls on essentially any other computer without issue.

I have tried this solution, but that folder does not exist so there is nothing to delete.

Any other ideas?

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Hi @Nathan Grossenbach, at this point, you have to contact Support for troubleshooting. Please create a case here.

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