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Is there an option to change Team profile picture?

Team profile picture

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transaction-coordinator avatar image transaction-coordinator commented ·
Team images would be super helpful. Not user images for team members. For example, we use different teams for projects, which for us are real estate transactions. It would be great if we could have a custom image for each project to quickly associate the team and reinforce it visually, such as an image of the home. Other team platforms have this ability.
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eder-aspilaire13686 avatar image eder-aspilaire13686 commented ·
I just wanted to know if we can change the generic icon using a picture instead. Is that something we can do in the future?
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 commented ·
Hi Eder, what generic icon are you referring to? I feel like I'm missing what you're getting at :P 
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mlanie-tremblay avatar image mlanie-tremblay commented ·
I'm agree with original poster. Will be so useful in app to spot easily your teams. 
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mlanie-tremblay avatar image mlanie-tremblay mlanie-tremblay commented ·
Just discover the color dots in desktop version. Why at least those colors are not used in app?
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jonathan-medrano avatar image jonathan-medrano commented ·
Agreed. Having the ability to customize the profile picture of the Teams I've created would really help.
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