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Profile Picture in RC Meeting?

How do I enable my Profile Picture to display in RC Meetings when my Video is turned opposed to the Default image?

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Hello Andy,

The image that is being displayed as profile picture in RC Meetings is sync on the RingCentral App. It is where you can change your profile picture. There is no current settings on RC Meetings to change it.
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But my colleagues have been able to recently change so their Profile Picture posts as opposed to their names...when their video is turned off while in a RC Meeting...?
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I update my profile picture on the App but it is not showing up in RC Meetings...?
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It seems like this has been going on a long time and RC can't fix it. What is wrong with them?

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I am having the opposite issue. My photo suddenly started appearing in RC meetings when I have my video off. I only want it to display my name in the box when the video is off. Due to the type of work I do we are not permitted to have images displayed only names. How do I revert back to just having my name displayed.

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it would be nice if ring central fixed this issue! i have the right app and picture but it doesn't show

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I've been having this issue for months as well. Why is it so hard to fix this problem?

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1 Answer

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I had this issue but just followed the resolution suggestion on their support page and it worked...


The profile picture needs to be updated within RingCentral app mobile so that it will sync with RingCentral Meetings.

1. Log out from RingCentral Meetings

2. Visit your respective app store and update RingCentral app mobile to the latest version available

3. Log in to RingCentral app mobile

4. Tap the Menu (three horizontal lines) icon (Android) or your profile picture (iOS), then tap Edit

5. Update your profile picture, or reupload your current picture if you prefer to continue using it

6. Wait for about 5 minutes, then tap Video and start a meeting

7. Stay in this meeting for 10 minutes to allow the profile picture to sync with the servers. End the meeting afterwards

To confirm the fix, wait for another 10 minutes after completing the above steps, then start/join a meeting in the RingCentral Meetings desktop application and check if the profile picture has updated.

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this works.

thank you!

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