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Add 3rd Party CC service for meetings/webinars

Cannot believe that RingCentral doesn't have this option for accessibility.

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Thanks. Has any Ring user/customer reading this tried any of the third party integrations? I have my IT folks investigating and will post back if we find good news. --arun

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Peter, we do have this feature within the product. You can find the Knowledge Base Article here:

There may be an integration for 3rd party closed caption. Have you checked in our integrations app gallery?

If you've reviewed this already and are still having an issue, can you describe what about it is not working?

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That is for meetings. Webinar doesn't have one.

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Any news on this? Zoom has an automated captioning tool, is there any way to do this in Ring? It is a possible compliance issue. Thanks.

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Closed Caption feature is available in RingCentral Meetings. See Becky's shared link above.

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I concur with Arun's reply below. Also there is no CC available for the webinar.

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Right -- this is the manual method. I'm looking for an automated solution like other products have. Has anyone tried a third party integration? Thanks

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Thank you for clarifying. An automated solution is not available. You can add a feature request for this in our Ideas Portal. If you know a third-party that you want to integrate, you can suggest it at

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