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How to get all incoming calls to general business voicemail


I would like all incoming business calls to simply hear our greeting and leave a message. As simple as it is, I cannot find straight answers on how to do this!

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If I understood properly then, you don't want to take any call and want the incoming call direct to the voice and caller record the voicemail for you. Is that right?

I think 2 ways of doing it. The first way is Putting DND (Do not Disturb) status on extension from application like Desktop phone app and second way is login to you online portal and enable do not accept any call from top of the portal:


The user will hear the greetings and will leave voice message for you

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Basically, I am utilizing RC as a professional platform for my small business. I would like everyone who calls my business to get our company greeting/message and simply leave a message. I would then like to be alerted once a new message arrives so we can handle caller needs from there. We had all calls forwarding directly to one of our three users, but we are now getting tons of solicitation calls and want to avoid this by utilizing voicemail only at this time.

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Hello @Christie Hodge, you can use the functionality of "New Message-Only Extension" click HERE for more information.

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