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online fax customize cover sheet.

The fax In production right now, and already set up real account number with my website, so when someone submit the order, the website will automatic send fax to a real line. The problem is can't customize cover sheet, the frist page is look like unprofessional, and waste too much paper, because the note is on the second pages. So we need the company logo and note on the frist page, that's will save too much paper. The attached file picture 1 is currently situation as you can see, and the picture 2 is what i am want. Could you please help to solve this problem, and what kind of information you need, please let me know, thanks very much!

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It is possible to customize fax cover page. Please take this as example:
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Here is the Java sample code for sending fax  :

For disabling the cover page : 

Disable coverPage   by making the body 

(line : 
payload = { to: [{ phoneNumber: config.RC_DEMO_FAX_TO }],
                     faxResolution: 'High',
                      coverIndex: 0
For adding cover page:  

Add your own custom cover page as your firattachmentent as mentioned above by Tyler. 

for example like this: 

RequestBody requestBody = new MultipartBuilder().type(MultipartBuilder.MIXED).addPart(body)    .addFormDataPart("cover", file.getName(), RequestBody.create(faxContentType, file)).addFormDataPart("attachment1", file.getName(), RequestBody.create(faxContentType,file)).build();
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Thanks for your quick response. I saw there customize cover sheet, but how to add the company logo on the file, could you please give me some of technique support, and I am ready with DOC cover sheet. Because we just need one page for each fax, so please help us, thanks very much!
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Which programming language are you using? Maybe I can provide your with some sample code. Basically you need to specify coverIndex = 0 :  Then the first file attachment will be used as cover. You can use a doc file as cover.
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Hi, I just contacted with my engineer, they use the JAVA language, JDK 1.8, the server system is ubuntun 14.04, and web are Tomcat 9. So do you need I upload my cover sheet and help me get the code? Because my engineer are Chinese, so some of they not able to get this instration. Please help me! Thanks very much.
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From your original message I can see that your engineers already got the fax sending working (without customized cover page). What they need to do is just do a minor change to their code to specify a custom cover page. I am not an export on Java SDK but if I see the code I can figure out how to adjust it.

Please let your Chinese engineers contact me via QQ 252261703.  I will assist them to get it done.
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@Tyler Liu

I have a sandbox account .I am using Java SDK for sending Fax. Whenever i try providing my own custom cover page file in .docx. My Sending Fax Fails. If i remove coverPage by setting it to '0' it also fails.
Only Successfully sent when i go with Default Fax Page.

I am using below code to send Fax.

CreateFaxMessageRequest postParameters = new CreateFaxMessageRequest();
        MessageStoreCalleeInfoRequest[] recivingNumbers = new MessageStoreCalleeInfoRequest[updateMessage
        for(int i=0;i<updateMessage.getReceiverNumber().size();i++) {
            recivingNumbers[i] = new MessageStoreCalleeInfoRequest()
        = recivingNumbers;
        postParameters.faxResolution = "High";
        postParameters.coverPageText = StringUtils.isNotBlank(updateMessage.getContent()) ? updateMessage.getContent():"" ;
        if(!updateMessage.getFaxFileIds().isEmpty()) {
            List<Attachment> attachments = new ArrayList<>();
            if(Objects.nonNull(updateMessage.getFaxCoverPageId())) {
                FaxAttachment  coverPage = this.queueMessageService.getFaxFileAttachment(updateMessage.getFaxCoverPageId());
                postParameters.coverIndex = 0L; 
                Attachment coverPageObj = new Attachment(); 
            for(ObjectId id:updateMessage.getFaxFileIds()) {
                FaxAttachment  fileAttachment = this.queueMessageService.getFaxFileAttachment(id);
                Attachment attachmentPageObj = new Attachment(); 
            Attachment[] attachmentsArr =[]::new);
            postParameters.attachments = attachmentsArr;
        FaxResponse response = restClient.restapi().account().extension().fax().post(postParameters);

Also is there any limitation on Number of Pages in fax for Sand Box Account? Currently fax with only 2 pages is getting successfully sent.
Image of my .docx file is as below

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Developer sandbox tools

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