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Join the UX Council Today!

We are excited to announce that we are formalizing a UX Council to support product innovation at RingCentral!

We are looking for IT and business users to give us feedback about our products.

You can look forward to:

  • Helping shape our platform
  • Providing us with new customer use cases
  • Gaining VIP access to our beta programs
  • VIP Invites to customer events, and developing relationships with our Product and Leadership teams

Sounds great, right?
Join today to be one of our founding UX Council members!  

Please email Irene to join:
Shell reach out to help get you started! And no worries if you decide it's not for you - you can decline anytime. 
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yay. :D
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You in, Elyse!?
We'd love to have you!
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Yes! I emailed Irene already. Excited for this!
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Im in!
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According to Irene, this is now on hold until May. This is quite disappointing after this prominent announcement - I know there are a lot of people who were excited to see you guys looking to take feedback seriously. Is there any way this can be reprioritized internally?
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Mike, we're working on a lot of new things and will hopefully have something to share sooner than May.
We'll update you here when we do!
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I sent email to Irene to join. After moving 80+ people company to RC a month ago, I'm seeing where this is clearly needed.
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