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Caller ID not Showing Correctly

Our Company has the Company Name set as the Caller ID under Company info in RingCentral. But even with that one of the members of the Sales team still has there Caller ID show up as UNKNOWN CALLER or as another member of the team when it should just be the company name. This only happens on their Landline phone but not anything else. We have gone into the setting Outbound Calls/Faxes to change the specific Caller ID and it works afterwards temporarily. Then the next day it has changed back to the same problem. Any ideas for a permeant change? Is there something else that could effect it not being permeant like deleting cookies?

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Hi Spencer, please check on this KB article if this is where you configure the Caller ID.

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Spencer Zimmerman avatar image Spencer Zimmerman mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks for the Reply, I have been doing that but I was changing the wrong one for the Landline phone which one would it be? Edit: I checked and the Sales Agent has all the Caller ID options set to Company Number and Alternative Caller Id is set to Primary Number

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Yes, that should be the it.

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Anthony Szeman avatar image Anthony Szeman commented ·

My Caller ID only works sometimes for me. I followed the steps above and it doesn't seem to display our company name all the time

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Anthony Szeman commented ·

@Anthony Szeman It depends on some carriers, too. Some carriers don't update their Caller ID System regularly, and not all accounts on other carriers have subscribed for this feature.

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