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RingCentral Video Virtual Background no longer working

This feature was working fine for me (Windows 10 desktop - fully compatible specs) up until several weeks ago. No changes on this end since - except upping RAM from 4GB to 8GB. When will virtual backgrounds (and for that matter video preview, also no longer functional - though actual display is fine) be working again?

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@TriadEA Member, Virtual Background in RingCentral Video is still available. Would you please try to uninstall/reinstall your app? Check this KB article to know where to enable it.

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@Mary-Community_Moderator I've reinstalled several times, always with above-mentioned symptoms. My system: Windows 10 Pro; version 2004; 8MB RAM; i5-2500 x-64-based processor; 3.300GHz CPU. I'm well aware of all the points made in the article you reference.

Any other thoughts? I really liked the backgrounds, even the many gliphy(?) ones.

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You maybe facing some system specific issue. Can you please open a support case here: and the support team can coordinate with you in troubleshooting and analyzing your system

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I think I have discovered my problem.

(i have a laptop that experiences the same issues, except that it never did do virtual backgrounds. it has an i7 CPU, version 2004 also, L640 @ 2.13GHz with 4MB RAM.)

In common to both of my systems: neither has a discrete graphics card (do *any* laptops?)

Especially when the animated GIFs came out for backgrounds, I noted that many users were expressing difficulty with implementing them. So I assume that RingCentral tech decided to get more rigid about the system specs, shutting out borderline cases like my desktop (which seems only to lack the discrete Intel GPU).

Does this make sense?

If it's only a question of the animated GIF's, I for one would vote for removing them and loosening the discrete GPU requirement. How many average (Windows?) desktops include a discrete GPU anyway? (And they are EXPENSIVE - hardly worth purchasing just for a virtual background.) I'd think RingCentral might want to make *basic* virtual backgrounds available to a wider range of users.

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