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Add "Hold for" behavior to IVR Menus,Allow "Hold for" behavior in IVR Menus


Main IVR Menu:

"...Press 5 for Test Department..."

User presses 5 and is sent to another menu

Second IVR Menu:

"If you are calling in regards to SUBJECT1 please press 2. Otherwise, please hold for the Test Department..."

In this case, the user pressing 2 would direct transfer them to an extension for SUBJECT1 related matters. If no key is pressed within X amount of time (reasonably about 5-8 seconds), they would be directly transferred to Test Department call queue extension.

As of now, the only related behavior is if the user listens to the entire prompt 3 times without making a key press they can be transferred to another extension, which is a bit excessive.


Please add "Hold for" behavior in IVR Menus.

IVR Menus currently only have key-press behavior and no ability to have the logic be "If user has not pressed a key within x amount of time, direct transfer to x extension or y menu". Currently the only related behavior is if the user listens to the prompt 3 times..which is a bit excessive.

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