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Performance Reporting using Today but with Future Times still within the same day


I would like to create a Performance Report using today but list future hours so that i can connect a subscription to run daily between the specified hours. The current setup allows me to choose today but does not have a separate choice for the hours component. Future hours for today are greyed out since they have yet to happen. When I choose 7am to 8am it changes today to the date which means creating the subscription will show the same data for that specific day.

The goal is to create the report so that it shows the call statics between hourly periods.
Example: Today from 7am to 8am, that I can set a subscription to run daily at 8am which will show all calls in the given period for the current day or "Today".

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Hi @Michael Nelson, that exact setup is not possible in the current state of Performance Reports. The only thing we can do is set up a TODAY report and schedule a subscription on 8 AM, so the data from 12 AM till 8 AM will be pulled.

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