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How to Separate Multiple Sites

We are a large warehouse facility with several corporate stores of our own. I have begun implementing the Avaya system in one of the stores as a second site which has allowed me to create separate IVRs for the store. But the separation seems to end there. The phones at the store can call any extension at either location as well as the paging system at either location. It would be ideal to have multiple locations as separate locations and then allow access to select extensions and not give store employees (or disgruntle employees) the ability to directly call our CEO. While looking at this situation I also realized that if I call our main line, when the IVR answers, I can dial the paging extension and send a page to any paging system at either site... from my home phone. Please advise as to how these can be resolved.

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Hi Jonathan, please reach out directly to AVAYA Cloud Office Support so they can check your current IVR Setup. They may provide a work-around for you to get the setup that you need. You may check this link to know how to contact Support.

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Support sent me here.

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I see. Did they mention that this is for feature request?

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You may submit your Feature Request in our Ideas Portal here.

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It's strange that disabling the ability to page to any extension from a device/line not on the account is permitted to being with - and to top it off, it's a being considered a "feature request" vs bug!

Separately, there was a setting I stumbled across that allowed you to create Paging Groups - with specific devices that can 'receive' a page in that group, as well as the users that are allowed to page to that group. You can possibly create a group per location, it might meet your needs here. Note: I have not tested this feature myself.

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Thanks for your suggestion, @Syed Hussain.

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