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Audio Delays on Transfer Calls

Has anyone else experienced issues with delayed audio or choppy calls when a call has been transferred to your extension? We have had this issue with RC since the very beginning. We have been with them about a year now. I have reached out to support many times regarding this, but typically get told there is nothing they can do or that it is being escalated. I have never heard back from the escalation team. If you have experienced this issue, can you please let me know if there is anything that you have done to help with this situation? We have tried switching out handsets, uninstalling and reinstalling apps, and even had our internet company come out to check our lines. We have well over the recommended internet speed needed to support VoIP. Nothing has seemed to help.

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Hey @Lori Browne, I just checked your recent "Call Quality Issue" case, and it shows closed due to no response from you. Would you please submit a new case?

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