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Integrating Google Calendar with Rooms

I'm a G-suite user (email,calendar etc are all in Google) trying to integrate my Google calendar with the controller in RingCentral rooms. It previously worked for over a year on a user's individual google account, but they're gone. I'm using KB8837, and I've followed all the steps.

I'm the admin

I created the resource in Gsuite as a videoconference

I added the calendar resource to my individual account.

I've added it to the meetings/rooms in RingCentral

However, when I sign into the controller, it says there are no meetings scheduled. Can anyone help?

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@Brandon Wright It looks like you're using RCV now.
Which may be the issue?
Maybe try this KB and if you're still running into challenging, circle back to this thread.
We'll be glad to dig in a bit further or get you some support through another channel.

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Becky, thanks

I have RC MVP. I've done all of these instruction before (even though the instructions are slightly different than my RC admin layout). I've even deleted/re-added calendar and assigned it to the room.

I enter the code the pair the controller, sign into the controller with my username,select the room I've created, but the calendar events still do not appear

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@Brandon Wright I might recommend opening a case HERE.
Perhaps someone in Support can troubleshoot a bit with you.
And in the meantime, a fellow Community member may pop in with some assistance.
If my team can be of further assistance, please let me know.

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I have opened a case. It's been ongoing. They can't seem to figure it out, either.

I was able to get an evetn from my PERSONAL calendar to appear on the controller, but it really should be the calendar resource that I've created that appears on the controller. Thanks

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@Brandon Wright Do you have a case number?
We can check on it with support and see where things stand.

Update: Looks like our T2 team is waiting to hear back from you.
You may have missed their email?
Let me know if I can help to connect you.

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As I mentioned above, the notes on the case show that they are waiting to hear back from you.
Let me know if I can help to connect you.

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That isn't true. I spoke to someone who sent me diretions for Windows powershell changes.

When I asked how this will help me with Google cloud services, he couldn't answer and said he would look into it. I'm waiting on them

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I've reached out to the case owner. I'll see what the status of the case is.

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