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Specific number is receiving calls from an unassigned number instead of our main line.


My boss is receiving phone calls and voicemails from a line that is unassigned to any of our users. I was assigned previously until the user was off boarded. Instead of the calls to that line being redirected to our call center lines or main line it is going to my boss. I apologize if this as already been addressed, if so can I be forwarded to the article? Thank you.

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Hi Brian, it's probably because your Boss is the main extension or Super Admin in the account. It is normal behavior, and the workaround is to assign it in a new user extension temporarily. You can name it unassigned to not confuse other extensions.

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Thats what I was thinking. Thank you for the response. I did find that assigning the number to a temp user then removing the line adds the number back to the inventory of available numbers. I just tested the number and it takes it out of service. Is there a way for any calls to that number to be redirected to our main line until we reassign the number to a user?

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There is no option, but you can create a new extension and name it unknown, then you can assign calls to that extension in the main number.

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