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Voicemail notification delayed in RC

Anyone else getting an email notification of a voicemail BEFORE the message is displayed in the RC phone? I've had voicemails in the app delayed by hours and sometimes it doesn't arrive in the phone until the next day, but the email arrived. I've had other notification problems and was told to Purge the data, but that doesn't seem to affect the voicemails (it's also a nuisance).
Anyone else have this happen? Is there a setting I could change to get the voicemails in the app more timely?

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Hi @kate-green Is this only happening on your voicemails? How about Team Messaging, SMS or Fax?

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I'm only aware of it happening with voicemails. I don't use team messaging and I only use it for the occasional text messages, so I couldn't say for sure.

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Have you already tried to uninstall/reinstall?

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