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How to stop my contacts list from ringing my phone when they make or receive a call.

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Can you add some more context for this question ? What product do you use? InContact or Engage ?

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(Ring my phone when any user I am monitoring rings). I have a bunch of people in my contacts list, when they get or rcv a call my phone rings every time.

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Do you use RC App ? Are you RingCentral Office user ?

If you are monitoring users for calls , you would get notified about It . Does setting userself to DND suffice?

You might want to reach out to our Tech Support team and setup your extension / app to meet your requirements . You can reach out to RC Support via here:

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I do not see DND ( where would I find that) ?

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You can find it here if you are using RC App


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yes, i have that...

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