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Silence during warm transfer

A couple of users here are experiencing an issue when they try to transfer a call, the receiver can't hear them speaking so they can't announce the caller.

Now, disclaimers, I started here a week ago, I'm new to Ringcentral. My predecessor did a pretty good hand over for most of it but didn't mention this issue. The users say its been an issue for a few months now so it looks like it had him stumped too.

Where do I begin to look? Thanks for your pointers in advance.

transferring calls
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Hi @DP9 IT Are you referring to the feature from the app or desk phone?

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its on the app. Android and iphone.

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Here's a KB article on how you can properly warm transfer a call from the RingCentral app. Please follow the directions, and if it's still the same, kindly create a ticket so that the Technical Support Team can check on the issue.

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