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Dead air after answer

On approximately 1/2 the calls received in my mobile phone when I am off wifi will go to dead air after answering a call and the first ~3 words from the caller. The phone signal bar start to blink stating cell connection issue. Callers say they can still hear me sometimes but I cannot hear them. After having this issue since I started with ring central I just tried to not take calls when I am away from my desk cause I thought it was my old Samsung mobile phone issue. I just got the new 5g pixel 6 pro and it still does it, even when in 5g. I have talked to other business owners who have att and iphones and they don't have this issues. It seems to either be a Verizon service issue who may be purposely cutting my speeds when they see a voip call or an android issue. I have no other issues with other apps when video calling, I run speedtests and latency tests and often get better speeds then my home internet. My signal bar before a call is all the way up, I have tried to pull over thinking that it couldn't handle switching towers.....all to no avail. Ring Central VOIP on mobile just doesn't work for me and no one can tell me why and no one else seems to be having this issue.

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Hi @Andrew Kuszak, there's actually an ongoing issue with Calls. Please submit a ticket with Technical Support so they can check if your service is impacted.

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