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Email defaults to personal on iPad

I am logged into my iPad using my business account and business email is shown in settings. I have linked my buiness/outlook calendar. However, when I schedule a meeting it defaults to my personal email address. Any suggestions?

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Do you schedule the meeting in the app?

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yes. I do.

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When you schedule a meeting using the app, there's a field "Schedule using" which you can select through the dropdown options. Are you able to see it?


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My screen doesn't look like that. I don't see a "schedule using" selection. img-0368.pnginkedimg-0369-li.jpg

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Thanks for your help on this. I was in the VIDEO screen and then picked "schedule."

However, it turns out (most) of the issue is with iPad settings. I have to go into my Apply ID and add my Oulook account there. Once that was done, I could send meeting from RIng Central.

The reason I say "most" is that now that it's working I get duplicate meetings in the Ring Central calendar. When I select the link that takes me to calendar settings there's not way to select only Outlook.

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@Jed Gibson I think you're just looking in the wrong place.
To schedule a meeting click on VIDEO and then you'll see an option to "Schedule" a meeting.
I believe you are using the event feature in the calendar.
Can you confirm?

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I was not using the event feature on the calendar but doing as you recommend above.

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