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Unable to change PIN code for someone else.

In the link it explains how to change or set the PIN code for someone else's extension. It seems that Ring Central has changed the welcome email that is sent to a new user on new customer accounts, now they only get an option to set the password for the web portal and select a security question. RC has removed the field for setting and verifying the PIN code. As a Super Admin, if you try to set a PIN for a particular extension it only allows you to do this if you know the individuals password, I am able to click on the PIN tab and set/verify the PIN but the Save button is greyed out so it won't allow you to save it.

According to Partner Support this is an enhancement....

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My point is that a new user is no longer given the option to set a PIN, they only get the option to set a password and their security question. So your response is not valid. If they were able to set a PIN then your suggestion works all the time. This is a new bug that RC has introduced to make things more complicated forcing a basic user who only wants to use their desk phone to log into their web portal to set a PIN.

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Upon checking, there are no changes on the express setup through the email invitation. The screenshot below is what the express setup should have.


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If you are having an issue with new users not getting the PIN setup, please submit a ticket with Tech Support so they can check the issue.

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The screen shot you provided is for an existing customer however any new customer that was recently turned up does not get the same express setup screen. As previously mentioned they only get the password and security question prompts.

I have created a ticket with Tech Support and was told by level 3 that this is the new way and that new users will need to log into their individual web portal to set up their PIN. This sucks for a new user as they are most likely unfamiliar with RC's complicated web portal.

Here is a picture of the new express setup:


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As long as the user extension has set up the password, PIN, and Security question, you will be able to change any information as an admin. Changing any of it will ask you to enter your Admin Password, which is the one you used to sign in as an Admin, not the extension's password. Can you please try to check again? The screenshot below is what you should see when you go to User Details > Security > Change Password.


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