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Logged into my RingCentral account to view a fax. When I click on the icon to open the fax, it does not open as a .PDF. I get an error message because it is trying to open as as a .TIF. I have spoken with chat multiple times!!! CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE. Ring Central originally told me that to fix it that I needed to tell the customer to call send the fax again and this time to select .PDF as the file format that he was sending in. However, I told the rep that you don't actually select a file format when sending a fax. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME FAST AS I NEED ACCESS TO THESE FAXES THAT CAME IN AND MY CUSTOMER CANNOT RESEND.

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This is a huge impact to our practice and it would be incredibly helpful to find a solution to our problem.

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Hi Mark! Sorry for experiencing this inconvenience. It was a known issue before and got fixed recently. I submitted your ticket to Tech Support so they can help you fix it. Send us an email at if you need your case #.

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