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Rate Limits have 0 remaining for newly issued access tokens?

Hi RC community,

I had a question around rate limits and issuing new access tokens.

I've recently started running in to an issue where newly issued access tokens have 0 calls remaining in the rate limits. So after someone connects the integration, if I try and make API calls, they are rate limited straight away.

As I understand, rate limits are per user per app/integration, right? So a newly issued access token for a user should definitely not be at 0 remaining calls from a rate limit perspective, right?

For a bit of extra context, when someone connects the integration, I need the user to have the permissions to get a list of all phone numbers ( So I need to make that call, to validate that the user has the right permissions, before saving the credentials and enabling the integration. But when I call that for the newly issued access token, I get the following headers:

X-Rate-Limit-Group: heavy
X-Rate-Limit-Limit: 10
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 0
X-Rate-Limit-Window: 60
Retry-After: 60

Anyone have an ideas here?


rate limits
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Our Auth APIs are rate limited to 5 requests/min for the user of the app, see more here: . In order to reproduce your issue, can you tell me bit more about which programming language/sdk or paste relevant code snippet here and which Authentication mechanism are you using?

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