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Dan Gruza asked Anthony Cherry commented

Microsoft Teams meeting dropping when a RingCentral call comes in

Company wide our users are starting to experience Microsoft Teams meetings closing immediately a RingCentral desktop call comes in.

I saw a thread somewhere to turn off Headset controls in RingCentral. That seems to have worked for us for now. Does anyone know why that setting is causing this to happen?

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Dat Hoang avatar image Dat Hoang commented ·


I have the same issue with our organization. And yes, the only option to fix it is what you posted with the headset control. I hope support can chime in on a better fix?

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Andrew Kennedy avatar image Andrew Kennedy commented ·

This does not work for me. I have a Sennheiser speaker connected to my laptop. If I am in a MS Teams call and someone calls me on Ring Central the MS Teams call automatically disconnects. I have updated the headset setting but this does not solve the problem - perhaps because it is a speaker and not a headset? Can anyone help?

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jessica-community-moderator answered Jay Arendt commented


After investigation, the Engineering team has determined that this is working as expected. All headsets connected to the RingCentral App via HID support have a known limitation when multiple applications try to use the headset simultaneously, one of the calls may be disconnected. This is not an error with the RingCentral App.


For Jabra and Polycom headsets, disable Headset controls in the RingCentral App settings and use the native apps to manage the headsets. This should resolve the problem of getting disconnected from MS Teams meetings when a call comes into the RingCentral App.

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Dan Gruza avatar image Dan Gruza commented ·

Thank you Jessica. The workaround is fine for us. Just weird we never had this issue for 2 years and just recently it started happening.

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Jay Arendt avatar image Jay Arendt Dan Gruza commented ·

Same thing here. This just started happening within the past couple of weeks. Glad to see it isn't just me. RC - please look into this.

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Bruce Lytle answered Anthony Cherry commented

We found the RingCentral MVP has this issue dropping Teams Calls when RC ring in. Fould if the user down load Plantronics Hub (Plantronics Headset) or Jabra. The user no longer has the issue and the Headset Control is enable allowing the user to control the call from the headset.

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Anthony Cherry avatar image Anthony Cherry commented ·

However, lately, we've had to tell agents to disable HUB because when they allow a call to go to VM, the "Headset" continues to beep in their ear. This problem stops as soon as we close HUB. This started happening a few weeks ago out of the blue. I opened a support ticket. No help there.

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Ben Wilms avatar image Ben Wilms Anthony Cherry commented ·

Same issue here, if a call goes to voicemail, the headset base continues ringing. I've found the only way to disable it is to turn off headset controls. I wish there was an actual solution, as some people actually want to use headset controls.

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Anthony Cherry avatar image Anthony Cherry Ben Wilms commented ·

Yeah. This issue is systemic across our environment. Not everyone is complaining, but it is a trendy issue with our Service Desk. I think it's an issue with the RC-developed Plantronic plug-in. But they don't acknowledge that there is an issue.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Anthony Cherry commented ·

@Anthony Cherry Hit us with your case number and we'll dig into it a bit further.

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Anthony Cherry avatar image Anthony Cherry Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·


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