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I'm trying to port out my number, but keeps getting service address error

my new service provider is trying to port out my number from RC, but they keep getting errors of a service address. why is this happening, when I've given them the correct address?

porting and number transfer
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Sue, the process for porting is very specific and is monitored by the FCC. We follow the policies to the letter to make sure we are in compliance.
If something doesn't match up, it will be rejected.
I would encourage you to review this article and work with your winning carrier to address the issues you're experiencing.

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That article only talks about porting numbers into RingCentral. Where is the article for porting out?

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Again, I would recommend working with the winning carrier that you are porting to, as they will be able to help you identify the error and work to assist in correcting it.

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