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Exercise all requested permissions not met even though I think I did


I have an application that uses "Webhook Subscriptions" as the only permission. I've been able to create a webhook that subscribes to telephony events. I also confirmed that I am getting those events by placing calls. However, in the graduation requirements I am still getting a red cross icon on "Webhook Subscriptions", everything else is green.


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You should exercise the Webhook Subscriptions permission by delete/create or renew the subscriptions several times. If you have done that and still see it in red, let me know the app client id.

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I have done create, delete and list. I will add get and renew and see if that works better. Thanks!

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I see that you are not able to graduate your app yet. However, your app has only 1 app permission "Webhook Subscriptions". What is/are the event filter(s) did you subscribe for? You may need to add those permissions required by those filters and call API to read the data. This is an awkward requirement for app that needs only getting the notifications. But it is the current situation. I can also help to graduate your app manually. Let me know the event filters and let me know if I should graduate it.

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Hi, thanks for looking into this for me. My subscription filters are


My needs are basically knowing a client's voice calls' start and stop. I have tested that I am getting those. I was actually under the impression that I need the Call Control permission as well but that seems a lot to ask of our clients and on further testing I see that Call Control is not needed, please correct me if I am wrong but that's what I observed.

My Client ID is YEXCDYtKStidNjJfbL6AZg, I have not been able to test since yesterday as there seems to be an issue with and I am not able to login.


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