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Multi-Level IVR

Currently have a single level IVR set up through AT&T Office@Hand. I want to switch to a multi-level IVR, but receive the following message when I click on the drop down box

"Warning: By switching to Multi-level IVR mode, all of your existing company call handling settings will be discarded. Please confirm that you wish to proceed"

If I switch to begin building out a Multi-Level IVR, what happens to the incoming calls for the single level IVR that was previously in place?

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All settings will be cleared, and incoming calls will be unavailable until you setup the Multi-level IVR properly.

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I saw that as well when I was doing the initial set up - caught me by surprise, as this shouldn't happen from a programming standpoint. Not knowing if we would need multi/single level, I went ahead and created in Multi level mode just in case. Saved me many hours of trouble.

Really wish they'd spend some time and program in the Single -> Multi migration

Of course, it wouldn't work going the other way - so I could see that warning, but single to multi - that should already be in place!

Make it happen Mary! ;)

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Joe Cache commented ·

Yes, Joe! We'll share this with the Product Team. I would appreciate it if you could submit an idea for this, too.

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