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Turn Off RingOut feature....very frustrated!!


I have been with RC for over 5 years now. We are a very small company trying to use it for basic phone/attendant/voicemail services. I have never used it to make outgoing calls. It has only been used to incoming control.

Well, now, I would like to set a new employee up at a computer and make outbound phone calls to our customers. We have RC Desktop installed and a headset with Mic. How in the world do we turn off RingOut??? It is ringing to my cell phone and then ringing out to the destination number after pressing 1. Very very frustrating that this is not obvious. We should simple be able to dial and number and make the call. When I click on call in RingCentral Desktop, it opens up RingCentral Phone App. makes me enter the phone number and 'my location'. HELP!!!!!! Also, when we have incoming calls, we should be able to answer the calls on this softphone. Some basic guidance would be appreciated.



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Hi @Gecko Products, does the user extension have a DigitalLine?

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