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*Ring Central Window Desktop Application & SMS Registry!

I curranty have a ring central account and I use the window desktop App to bulk text my customers invitation to join our service list. I am aware that ring central will require all ring central users to register the phone number with the Registry. Will the Desktop Text feature continue to work the same. I am able to bulk text and blind copy my clients 10 at a time . Will Ring Central continue to support this app or will you for me to migrate over to your enhance texting program?

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1) What is the regulation for blind copies. I will bulk text all my customer using blind company 10 at a time and select the blind copy option. 2) I only do two bulk texting a year. regulation. I have 500 customer and I bulk text them to the 10 a time because that is the text bulk limit. So I will text 50 time in 1-2 days sending 10 msg at a time. How will know what the limit is for the regulation? Is limit going be enforced by your software with messages warning me . Please provide as much info as you can so I can understand what we are dealing with. Thanks , David

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For bulk messaging I would recommend utilizing our free SMS Campaigns App ( this will allow you to message all recipients at once without risking sharing customer contact information with other customers.

With the changes in SMS, many of the previous P2P restrictions have bee removed and you will be able to message all of these customers the same day - potentially in a matter of minutes. The lowest rate limit you would receive with TCR is 15 messages/ minute (across all numbers assigned to the campaign) and the highest would be 4,500 messages/ minute. Most customers will be between 75 and 2,400 for all numbers in your campaign (although RingCentral currently limits SMS to a max of 50 messages/minute/number). This limit will be provided to you once as part of the registration process (if done through the Admin Portal after Feb 10).

When sending messages through the SMS Campaigns App it will throttle these messages for you. When using the RingCentral App you would receive a warning if you tried to send too many messages too quickly. But with the volume of messages you are trying to send, you shouldn't run into any issues (just make sure your recipients have agreed to receive those messages).

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The good news is that doing TCR registration will not impact the functionality of the app or your existing services outside of possible rate limit changes (or how many and how quickly you can send SMS, depending on the trust score assigned to your business and campaign type selected). For most customers, any rate limit changes will not be noticeable.

TCR registration really just allows the carriers to know which numbers are yours, how you are using SMS, and how trustworthy your messages are on their network. It also helps them identify any malicious activity, and help prevent malicious actors from pretending to be your business.

Most customers will see no noticeable change to their service whatsoever, outside of seeing even greater message delivery/ less messages being marked as spam by the carriers.

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