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Contacts won't sync

I use Ringcentral for Windows and some of my contacts synced and some did not. On the iPhone app all contacts synced. I use chrome not outlook. How can I get the rest of my contacts to sync in the windows app?

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Where are the contacts stored?   Or did you ad them through the web portal (use a CSV file? )  ?
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They are in my Gmail contacts and my iPhone. They sync with each other. Somehow some of my contacts synced with ringcentral early on but they won't all sync. The iPhone app does sync but not ringcentral for windows.
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The RingCentral Desktop app for Windows, currently syncs only with Outlook.  If there are a lot of contacts you need to sync, the best solution is to import via CSV file. 

Importing Personal contacts in your RingCentral account
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I will try this thanks!
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How long will it take for them to show up in the windows app?

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FYI.... I'm going to merge this post into an "idea" request that we have for force synce button, so that you don't have to log out & log back in.   Feel free to comment or click the Vote button on the new thread. 
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I had all of my contacts synched into the mobile app. However, these are not showing on my personal contacts list in the web portal. Any idea? Thank you in advance for your answers.

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My Mac Contacts will not sync with the phone component of the new integrated RingCentral desktop app. I'm told this feature is not yet available, but they're working on it . I have been told this several times over the past months. Please fix this! I can't be the only user experiencing this issue.

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