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Voice delay!!!

It is INCREDIBLY frustrating to constantly talk over my clients, or them over me, because of the horrible delay in hearing each other! I used to make calls directly from my phone's app. To avoid the delay, I though I'd try make calls through my back office (i.e. having the number dial my cell phone from my laptop)Still a delay. A "network issue' does not sound like my problem. Any suggestions, one way or the other, of how to rectify this problem? I have a Samsung Note 4, and my servicer is T-Mobile.

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Hi Kimberly,  We'll be happy to help troubleshoot this. 

First can you clarify a few things.  Can you tell us what you mean  "make calls through my back office (i.e. having the number dial my cell phone from my laptop)"? 

Delay is almost always a network issue. It's generally caused by latency in the voice packets as they are delivered across the internet.  Try switching from your phone's data plan to a wifi signal and test again and let us know the result?  
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Hi, you will first need to verify that your network is set up properly. Another thing to check is the volume settings for your phone or headset. I've seen where the settings are a little wonky and they cause a delay. But 99% of the time when people complain about delayed audio, it is due to the network configuration or internet speed.
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Hello, I'm having this same problem except I'm using the ring central app for mac desktop. What would I need to do to fix this issue.
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I'm already connected to our in office wifi

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We're new customers and are having the same problem. It's VERY frustrating. Add to the complexity of the situation that we're all working remote, so every situation is unique per office.
OP- Did your issue get resolved with network configuration?
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Hello, Mike. What I mean is I sign into my account via my laptop and use the "soft phone" there. It then rings my phone so I can dial out. I did what you suggested, and DARN IT, it worked! Lol! That only sucks (for me) because our house WiFi is very undependable and drops off often. I will definitely do that, however, when we get more dependable service. Thanks so much for your help!
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You're welcome!

Also, if it helps, whoever manages your WiFi may want to take a look at this thread and review the router setup requirements.
How do I troubleshoot Call Quality issues? Network requirements?

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Nothing found
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Hey Deanna, this is the updated link for what Mike was referring to:
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We are having the same problem as other users about the delay in audio calls.

All out team has the same problem and they are all in different locations, so is not a network issue. All of them have access to high-speed internet and use their phones connected to the WiFi. What can we do to solve this.

It's really annoying for the clients and the delay is getting worse since the last month.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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@Melissa Moline Miller Did you review the troubleshooting steps provided in the above comments?
If not, give those a whirl and then let us know how it goes.

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