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How do I change the first ring option to the desk phone and have the cellphone/smartphone option as the rollover?

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What you would have to do is select your deskphone as the first option in Call Handling & Forwarding, then add/select your cell phone as the second option and have the calls ring sequentially.

CAVEAT: If you select this way of doing it, your cell phone calls will go to your cellphone and NOT to the RingCentral Mobile application. You will lose the functionality of the RC Mobile app.

There currently is no configuration option to have the Desk phone ring first and then ring the Windows Desktop/Smartphone (RC Mobile app) as a second option.

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How is desktop->smartphone app not an option? That makes zero sense.
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I am experiencing the same issue.  I can make it so that the Mobile App and Desktop Program ring the same time as my physical desktop phone, but I have found no way to make the mobile app ring second.  I followed the link that that Mary Rose posted and all that does is disable the mobile app from ringing all together.  Critical missing feature in my opinion.
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Hello, is this still the case a year later? I NEED the desktop phone to ring first, and then if we are out of office, to forward to our mobile phone app. Thanks!

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Hi Gloria, 

Please vote for this feature here
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What I have done is set desktop & mobile apps to 0 rings, and the phone on my desk to ring simultaneously.  Then, all phones ring at once.  Increase the ring count if you like.  And you could also enter your cell phone number a second time as a unique call forwarding and get "second" rings via your cell (not the ring central app).  Cheers 
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This has been an ask for years. And now that we're heading back to the office it really is necessary.

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@betsy-ami the default order is still apps.. feature is requested here

Please vote and add comment to help implementing in future

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