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Poorly trained staff or deception?

how Many people purchased X number of pages to fax only to find your not billed for pages but for minutes. As I found if a document takes 10 minutes to fax for whatever reason you are chargers 10 pages even though you only really sent one page. Also I was charged for faxes that went to a fax that did not answer this week I was billed for for over 1300 pages. The kicker is 80% of what I was billed was sent to a number that did not answer and I only attempted send a total of 64 pages. Also, when I talked to customer support I was told they were valid charges because they were sent. My question, (that no one has been able to answer) is how were they sent to a fax that did not answer! In addition, the mobile application allows you to attach more than whats able to be sent. Tech support and I found this is why there were no answers because the ring central app. Was too full. So it was not the fax that did not answer it was ring central not transmitting because the file attached was too large. Who else has has similar problems? Why was I billed for minutes when even on the website it advertised 750 pagess for X amount of money. Is it right to sell X number of pages when you being billed for minutes? Is it right to be billed for faxes that go to a number that does not answer? Now here I am not even half way through the month with no fax capability, unless of course Id like to upgrade my service. As It has been suggested by the staff. I would love to speak to someone in QA because I kept all the email verifications documenting that the fax failed to send yet I was billed. And I was billed by the minute not by the page as is advertised.

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It seems odd that if RingCentral can't verify if a fax went through and was received, then they shouldn't charge for that service.  I think I would go up the ladder through supervisors, managers, directors and finally the CEO until I got some satisfaction on your bill.  (I once got  ahold of a CEO for a problem I had with his company and he was astounded.  He said "why are you calling me?" and I told him that if he couldn't fix my problem, nobody in the company could and I'd be seeking a new provider.  I got quick attention).  It pays to go up the ladder.  The guys at the first level only have a script, no authority.
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Hi Antonio, 

I created a case for you and sent it to our Executive Response Team. They'll be reaching out to you as soon they've reviewed your account details! 
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