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Original caller ID Preserved when transferring off-net

1. Account type : U.S Account 2. A brief description of the business.: Large private University with 10,000+ enrollment 3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: The ability to retain the originating callerID when doing a blind transfer to a external number 4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: External caller calls a receptionist. That receptionist then needs to transfer the caller to a digital line number or external number such as a cell phone. The original caller number needs to be passed when initiating a blind transfer for documentation/visibility purposes. 5. Benefit of such feature: This feature allows the receiving party of the blind transfer the ability to know who is calling. 6. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 2,000+

caller id
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This is a 3 year old issue that apparently isn't changing anytime soon. Supposedly, Blind Transfer does pass the ID on, but Warm Transfers do not. 
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Unfortunately, neither does a blind transfer. Thanks
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Having the same issue. Need to preserve the original caller id when transferring. Please add this capability. Other phone systems have the ability so it's something that can be achieved.

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Hi all-- please vote on this feature request here!

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