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message-list API data

With the message-store API json response, the SendingFailed faxes have a faxErrorCode that is usually Undefined. Is it possible with the API to view the failure reason as reported with the Call Log in the web interface eg Busy, No Answer, etc? I see there are many possible messages, but none with the above phrasing.

I am also having trouble seeing the multiple attempts for failed or repeated faxes even when specifying distinctConversations=false in the request. I don't know how the "conversation ID" match up to message ids, but I assume they are synonyms. How can I see the multiple attempts through the API request?

There was a previous suggestion to provide message ids through the Call Log, which could also work, but would not be ideal.

rest api
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Okay. So it would appear that "conversationId" is only for SMS and Paging. The 'distinctConversations' query parameter also has to do with this property available only to SMS and Paging in our API.

I too am perpetually receiving 'Undefined' for all of my 'faxErrorCode' keys in the response. I have created a bug with our Engineering team to review and see if I'm doing something incorrectly...or if the API is not properly reporting the value.

I am going to create a feature request to be able to view the fax sending attempt information for reporting as well since that is not available via our API currently.
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When trying to fax to local numbers without 1+area code I would see the InternationalDisabled faxErrorCode, so I do know it can return other values, but just not the values presented in the Call Log.

According to the Message Info API documentation, Undefined is a legal value that seems to be a catch-all if none of the other values apply, so hopefully the codes can be expanded to have the Call Log values.

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I think that is the plan. After speaking with our Engineering team, this should be slated for an upcoming release in the next two cycles.
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is there any update on timing on this fix?
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