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Share screen with video AND AUDIO during a RingCentral Video Conference

Zoom has a checkbox on the share screen window to share computer sound. This way when you share a video during a conference, the participants see the video AND HEAR THE AUDIO. RingCentral Video does not have this option. Please include this as part of the video conferencing platform.

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100%, this is needed. Webex has this functionality. We have been sorely disappointed in the lack of features in RC Video thus far and have no confidence in the Zoom-based product from a security standpoint. We have to switch between RC and Webex if we are doing any kind of video sharing for training or other presentation purposes.

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I am on with Ring Central tech support right now about my concern, which is the same as identified here. This functionality needs to be included in Ring Central Video before I lose access to Ring Central Meetings.

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We have already been "upgraded to RingCentral Video for free" and have consequently lost access to audio sharing. Is there any indication this feature is coming to RingCentral Video? If not, has anyone evaluated Zoom Phone versus RingCentral?

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Hi everyone, The Product Team announced that it will be available by Q1 2022.

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That's great news. Thanks, Mary!

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We should not be forced to migrate from Ring Central Meetings to Ring Central Video until this bug is fixed.

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Hey, @Alex Perlman We're glad to work with your team and Account Manager to defer if needed.
Please reach out to us directly at

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The workaround is to start your meeting from to enable audio sharing during screen sharing sessions.

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