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%SLA for the entire organization

We see that %SLA is available for call queues only. Is it possible to get %SLA for the organization as a whole or for users?

The reason is at our company, we have dedicated operators. example: press 1 for the English operator, press 2 for the Vietnamese operator, etc. These operators are users. The reasons why we didn't create call queues for the operators was we needed the operator to be able to pick up and hold multiple calls. From our understanding, once a user picks up from a call queue, they are unavailable to pick up more calls.

So when the operator does not answer another incoming call (e.g., they were already in a call or couldn't get to the call fast enough), the call is routed to a call queue. So this call queue is there just in case the operator didn't answer.

We can't use the %SLA in our statistics because it doesn't accurately reflect the operators. And we can't calculate the %SLA from the call log because the call log only indicates the duration of a call.

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Hello @nguyen1234, We don't support this today. However, at the user level, we provide Avg. Speed of Answer KPI, so you can look at each of their operators and see how long, on average, it takes them to pick up a call. Thank you!

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We also suggest posting an idea here for this feature. Thank you!

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