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Internal Transfer Call Recordings Dropped

We run a call center where inbound calls are taken by our front line customer service agents and then transferred to specific teams to help assist our customers. The calls are put in a queue rather than sent to a specific agent. This is causing difficulties accessing the call recording of the second half of the call once transferred. The main reason we review the calls recording is for compliance, and our call monitoring department is unable to piece together all of these severed calls. Could you please make it so that internal transferred calls are bound together, so half the recording isn't missing?? I know the recordings are somewhere in the system, so I don't understand why they can't be linked. The current model you have now is not user friendly for call monitoring and transfers. I see this has been brought up by your users in the past, but I don't see much follow through on RC's end. Could you please clarify if I'm mistaken and if there are any plans to address/correct this issue in the near future?

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Hello @Spencer Arnold, apologies! I would highly suggest opening a case HERE, and our phone support will investigate how we can look for a transferred call recording for us. I would assume that all call queues are also in automatic call recording. They will be able to explain where half of the call goes through. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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We're running into the same issues and in an industry where it's important to have these recorded. Any solve ever come of this?

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