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How can I automatically change to DND when in a Ring Central Meeting?

The Ringcentral app sees that you are in a meeting. However, phone calls to you still audibly ring interrupting the meeting. Is there a configuration to automatically change to DND while in the meeting?

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I would also like to know how to set it up so it AUTOMATICALLY goes to DND while on video meeting or conference call. Thanks.

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Paul Kopalek avatar image Paul Kopalek commented ·

Somehow in August 2022, this is still not a feature. This should be a checkbox that you can choose for the organization or an individual "Automatically enter DND mode when In a Meeting" (or other various statuses if desired). There's simply no reason to set two things. Why am I changing 'status' to In a Meeting if I wanted to be disturbed? None of my users are going to understand the logic of NOT being DND by default when In a Meeting. Here is the Ideas page, I think it needs more votes -

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