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Chat Copy and Paste

Hello! Participants are not able to copy and paste any part of the chat (e.g. links or titles to resources). How can i adjust this in the settings?

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Sara, a clarifying question:
Are you using RingCentral Meetings or RingCentral Video?

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Thanks for your response. ..Ring Central Meetings!

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@Sara Martinez Arango Thanks! So, this functionality is not present in RingCentral Meetings.
You can copy/paste text, but not hyperlinks.

I might recommend you switch to RingCentral Video where these features are included.
It's an easy switch and we're glad to help facilitate.
Please reach out to us via email if you'd like to begin that process.

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The issue of not being and to copy and paste anything into Ring happens weekly for me. I have to delete and restart the program every single time. I keep looking for ideas or others experiencing the same issues but have yet to find it. I copy phone numbers and text often into Ring and when it doesn't do this, its not only inconvenient but take time to resolve. If anyone else is having these issues also and has found a solution, I would like to read it.

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