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Are your call group members getting calls?

Are your call group queues working as expected? We have many queues with 2 or more call members in them. When a customer dials a group direct number the call is placed on the call queue but none of the available members' extensions ring whether the member has mobile and desktop enabled in call handling or not. There aren't any custom rules created.

I have gone through tiers 1 and 2 with RingCentral support. I've contacted my Sr. CSM, spent hours waiting on the phone, sent emails. Nothing. The issue is now 24 hours old.

Have you experienced similar?

Do you have any contacts in tier 3?

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Hi @lester-marquez, what's your case number? Let me reach out to the Tech Team.

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@lester-marquez, as I checked, your case has been handed to Tier 3. Please wait for their update about your issue.

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