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High CPU utilization with RingCentral App

Hello. We are a new RingCentral customer, cutting both phone and video conferencing to RC around 2 weeks ago. RingCentral phone service has been solid and exactly what we were expecting. However, the video meeting functionality (RingCentral Video) has been so next so unusable. Around 20% of our users watch their CPUs max out in RingCentral Video meetings, leading to broken audio and video to the point the meeting must move to another service. These very same laptops have no issue with Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and other competitors. These laptops all meet RingCentral's system requirements with some even being as new as 1 months old, sporting i7 processors and 16G of RAM.

RingCentral support on this issue has been close to non-existent. Maybe I'm being unfair to support and they are furiously working on it, but communication is slow.

Are other having similar issues?

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@Bob Scullin What's the make and model of your laptops? We have Lenovo Thinkpads: T-470, T-480 etc. with i5 processors and 8 or 16GB memory and all systems using SSDs.

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All Dell Latitudes: i7 processors, mostly 16GB RAM (some 8GB), all SSD. The laptops range from 3.5 years old to 1 month old.

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Do most of the laptops have an integrated Intel GPU?

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Recommendation (not an answer)
We have talked to support and they have escalated it up to engineers. RingCentral has engineering ticket open as well. We have also talked with RingCentral's sales team who sold us the software and they are willing to help as well. We are receiving help, and we appreciate it, but we don't have a solution just yet. I'll encourage you to engage your sales team and continue to talk to support team at RingCentral

Our issues
We are a new customer as well and we also have challenges with RingCentral Video conferencing similar to how Bob described. We have fewer issues with phone audio. We have more issues with RingCentral Video.

We do have pockets of very significant issues with RingCentral Video - CPU spiking to 100% and staying there, audio breaking up as soon as screen is shared, Seeing `Shared screen is minimized` message when sharing a screen, audio breaking up when network traffic is generated while on screen share etc. Not everyone sees these issues, which makes it harder for us to troubleshoot. Some users notice this issue consistently. Some users have no issues if they used instead of RC desktop app to conduct conference; while acceptable, using web app changes user experience. We don't want users to flip-flop between web app and desktop app.

How the issue impacts acceptance of RingCentral
RingCentral Video's substandard quality compared to competition is inhibiting wide-spread use of RingCentral for unified communication. Staff who are external-facing are reluctant to use it if they face a challenge with RingCentral video conference - such as CPU usage, audio breaking up, shared screen is minimized issue, and more. This challenge is making our IT team's job harder.

The cool features of RingCentral can be overshadowed rapidly if users keep on facing RingCentral Video conference. The longer the issue stays unresolved, the fast the confidence in this good product will erode and the harder it will be for our IT team to regain staff's interest in RingCentral. We see RingCentral as a promising tool, but this video conferencing issue is certainly a thorn - especially in this day and age when video conference meetings are prominent than ever before.

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Thanks for the detailed information Craig. We too have a ticket escalated up to engineering, and our sales team involved. We heard back from our tech that RC released version 21.1.30 yesterday which should help with the CPU load issue, but initial testing with a small group shows no distinguishable change.

Troubleshooting across a number of machines, we thought there may be a correlation between those with high CPU loads when sharing video / screen shares and older DisplayLink drivers. Updating this driver have no impact.

We have seen better results using the web app, however the overall user experience is impacted by the interface and browser gotcha's such as enterprise policies, mic and speaker permissions, notifications, and switching mics and speakers.

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Our observations are similar to yours. We are on `Version: Web, Windows` and are still seeing sustained CPU spikes.

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