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Colorblind Options

Would there be anyway to add wordage underneath or beside an individual's name when they are busy (i.e. on a call, busy, available) within parenthesis?. Having the dot is helpful but with being Red-Green color blind, it is hard to determine the colors.

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Hey @Nathan Seberger! We would love to have your vote HERE! Thanks for this idea. We appreciate it.

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Anirban avatar image Anirban commented ·

This is a brilliant idea, apart from color, status name can be attached side by. This will help people to get the status name without confusion.

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Ronald Byrd avatar image Ronald Byrd commented ·

It should be easy enough to change the icons to something similar to what Teams has done. Put a check on the available icon, an X on the offline icon and the busy icon can remain blank. It looks like the resources.pak file contains a single icon which is probably colored in code which means the icon would have to change depending on status.

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