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How do I increase my voice mails longer than 3 minutes,How do I increase voice mail longer than 3 minutes?

The support I talked to told me there was no limit but they all stop at 3 minutes and I want them to record for an hour.


I phoned support to ask if there was a time limit on the message and he said no but they are cut off at 3 minutes I want it open up to an hour.

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Currently, the maximum voicemail duration that callers can leave is 3 minutes. To increase the default duration, you can vote for this feature request here.

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I was told before I purchased that there was no time limit on voice mail time. Can I just purchase an option to have it longer? I will have to end my service if the case as this is important for my number.

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Sorry, but there is no option to purchase. This feature is unavailable for now. Please help us get more votes so this will be implemented.

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