• 16 December 2019
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Ring Central allows recording a phone call. What I'd like to know if when doing so is there a two party disclaimer always played.

Florida Law:

Florida Wiretapping Law Florida's wiretapping law is a "two-party consent" law. Florida makes it a crime to intercept or record a "wire, oral, or electronic communication" in Florida, unless all parties to the communication consent. See Fla. Stat. ch. 934.03.

5 replies

Given the sensitive and legal nature of your question - you would be better served seeking the advise of an attorney in your state. 
I don't understand your answer "RC" offers the option why can't I receive a straight answer from RC or someone within.
RC offers the feature as defined in their terms and conditions...

Furthermore they provide the addition language on the customer portal...

yes. when you do "on demand" call recording it plays a recorded message stating the call is being recorded and to hang up if you do not want to be recorded (*9 i believe if you wish to test). If you set your system to Auto Record all calls you can play a greeting and also make the system "beep" periodically. This can be done under each user (phone) setting. Searching the forums will get you much better answers, as well as an email to your account rep.