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Keyboard and Mouse Control

I just downloaded the new video meeting app and can't find where the give keyboard and mouse control is located. I created a meeting for myself and one other person. She shared her so we could work off of it but I could not find where the request keyboard and mouse control went. Is this not longer available with the new download?

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@Crystal Maharidge, we understand the essence of this feature. It is currently in the roadmap, which is targeted this Q4 2021. We will give you an update once this is available.

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Has this been fixed? I went to meetings, meeting settings and I do not see where I can turn this feature on. This feature is very important for my business.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Paula Jordan commented ·

Hi @Paula Jordan, This is still not available with RingCentral Video. We are still waiting for the release announcement of this feature. I will update this thread once we get the good news.

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Hey, @Crystal Maharidge Can you reach out to me directly?
This post's format is a little wonky and we are troubleshooting it with our internal team.
Would love to understand what your user experience was.
Hope to hear from you -

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