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Call Issues

We've just started getting some issues with calls.

  1. No ring or alert to a call coming in. You have to be in the app to see the pop up otherwise you won't know there's a call coming in.
  2. The red 'Rec' icon has disappeared off the dialer (where you start and stop recording).
  3. Each user's status is not updating. Everyone just shows as 'Available' even if they are on a call with someone else.

Anyone else experiencing these or similar issues?

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Hi @Daniel Bowett, please submit a ticket to Technical Support so they can check the issue. An ongoing issue may impact your service.

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@Daniel Bowett This is a known issue. Please create a case so that the Support Team can circle back with you when it is resolved.

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Daniel Bowett avatar image Daniel Bowett Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ·

I've raised a ticket but they didn't seem aware of the 'known issue'. They just told me to reinstall the app which is not very practical across all our users. Call quality is aweful this morning, the sound keeps chopping in and out.

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Hi Daniel, we received a notification that the issue is resolved. Are you still experiencing issues?

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We are also having issues this morning. I've sent in a ticket and tried the chat bot, but I have not had a response. Do we know how long this is going to last the Service Status does not tell you how long or when your outage will be addressed.

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We've received an update that the outage is back. To get more updates on this, you may go to

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Sara Brennan avatar image Sara Brennan mary-community-moderator ♦♦ ·

Thank you for the update!

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Our users have experienced the same call quality issues yesterday, we logged a ticket with RC Support which was assigned as "Outage" and then resolved without providing further justifications or relevant explanations. I would like to know:

- why did the outage occur, how long did it last, what did it impact? (Ideally pointed towards an incident report)

- how can this be communicated better next time it happens? (we have 130+ global users on Phones and rely on RC's promised up-time and reliability) we would like to be communicated the impact of the outage and any workarounds immediately (before it gets resolved)

Thank you

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