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Inbound call message help

All inbound calls are greeted with "thank you for calling (business name), one of our agents will be with you momentarily". How do I change it so that inbound callers only hear a conventional ring tone? We are a 3-person family business rather than some mega corp.

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Wanting to "bump" this up. I have followed the article that was posted by Becky and this does not solve my issue. I'm in the same boat as the original poster. I am a small company. I do not have auto attendant set up.. the main line rings and whoever is available answers it. Currently, the callers hear silence and think that the call is not connecting. I just want it to ring. Help??

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We are also in the same situation. We have one main company number that rings and only 1 person answering it.

When the caller hears the start of the custom greeting, half of them think it's an answerphone and hang up.

I would like it just to ring and the office person answers the call.

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Hello @josiem have you considered updating your Company Call Handling settings to forward calls to a specific user instead of routing them to the Call Queue? This will allow you to get rid of the unnecessary greeting and streamline the process by assigning only one member. I recommend checking out the article I just posted on how to route your company calls to a specific user for detailed instructions.

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1 Answer

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Hey, @Blake Rust This Knowledge Base article might be helpful!
Try this first and if it doesn't help, please reach out and we'll assist further.
Also, you can always reach out to support and they can assist with these settings.

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